Guruji meditating before blessing the large Sri Yantra of the Vedic Healing Institute- 1998

Swami Hari Harinanda, forest monk from the Himalayas, whom the Vedic Healing Institute hosted for seminars on mudras and meditation, 2004

Alexandra receives blessings from Sri Jayendra Puri Swami, the successor to Sri Tiruchi Mahaswamigal- Sri Tiruchi Swami's ashram - 1999

Our dear friend Swamiji Baba Nataraja of Siva Mandir has graced many of the Vedic Healing Institute's gatherings, offering fascinating and lively discourses on health, meditation, and vedic teachings - Om Namaha Shivaya

Sanskrit Mantra Chanting Classes & Vedic Initiation Ceremonies;

Puja Prayer Ceremonies; Meditation/Chanting Gatherings;

& Pilgrimages to India

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The Vedic Healing Institute hosted Milk Baba from Nepal for discourses, private blessings and devotional singing

PROFESSOR P.A. SESHAN GURUJI, Patron of the Vedic Healing Institute.  Guruji was a highly revered Sanskrit scholar, Zen Master, Yoga Teacher, and Pujari (Hindu priest) who was versed in the Sri Vidya tradition.  Guruji continues to guide the Vedic Healing Institute  from beyond.  

Guruji holding a Hanumanji which we brought from Suchindram Temple.  

Alexandra visits a mystical village temple dedicated to Sai Baba where vibhuti (holy ash) manifests spontaneously on a daily basis (see photo of Baba on lower right covered in ash under the glass with just Baba's face visible), 1999

With Punji Swamiji - Trivandrum, 1998

Guruji Seshan, Alexandra and Professor Shankara Shastry 1998

A rare and beautiful photo of Guruji and his lovely wife and companion of more than 50 years, Mrs. Seshan.  Mrs. Seshan was always present at our classes, providing support and heartfelt hospitality to all, as she laughed and served us all snacks and tea.  Although we would spend weeks and months in their presence while also touring the city and going to spiritual sites and temples, we always made a habit of stopping and saying goodbye to Guruji and Mrs. Seshan on our way to the airport as the last and most important activity we would do in India.  Even if we had just seen them that morning, one more visit was always squeezed in for a quick goodbye, during which time they would warmly bless us and then bid us "Happy Journey!"  Every moment with Guruji and Mrs. Seshan was precious and valuable.  In this photo, they kindly came outside and saw us off, as we got into a taxi.  Leaving India was always bittersweet.

Guruji teaching our 1999 World Peace Delegation group

Final photo with Guruji and Mrs. Seshan.  A treasured but bittersweet photo - A few weeks later, Guruji peacefully and unexpectedly departed this world -  2016.


In India, lineage forms an important part of a student/practitioner's journey.  The Vedic Healing Institute is proud to present its lineage of esteemed teachers many of whom, though no longer with us on the physical plane, remain ever present in our lives.   We extend our gratitude, love and immense thanks to these teachers who have touched our lives and are dearly remembered and missed on the physical plane every day.  None of these photos can adequately convey the immense energy, wisdom, and magic that emanated from these beings, but we hope that all who view our teachers are touched in some manner.  It is said that just by gazing into the eyes of a true teacher one can derive immense blessings.

Professor Shankara Shastry, Esteemed Sanskrit Scholar and Vedic Master - 1998, Bangalore, India.  Professor Shastry extended blessings to Alexandra to bring the vedic healing teachings to the west.  He personally activated and blessed a large Sri Chakra for the Vedic Healing Institute that was carried to Los Angeles.

H.H. Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who blessed Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani in 1998.  Many beautiful visits and amazing experiences were spent in the presence of Sai Baba.