Offering general "essential" mantras for the vedic practitioner who is serious about his or her sadhana practice

This class is for advanced practitioners who have been using mantras for some time and who wish to deepen their practice.  In it, students learn mantras that complete and round out their mantra practice.   These mantras may form part of the daily practice and may be used morning, afternoon and evening.  Prerequisites are: Gayatri Mantra Class, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra class and at least two Deity mantra classes.    

Many people believe that to achieve peace we must retreat from society and live a solitary existence. Certainly living away from others allows us to be free from distraction, and peace may, therefore, be more readily attainable. However, for most people, living a life completely removed from others is impractical and not feasible. Thus, living in society provides us with what may be seen as a beautiful and perfect test of finding inner peace, for within chaos we find the opportunity to truly access and embody peace.

This class teaches a series of the most beautiful and dynamic Sanskrit mantras for personal and planetary peace. These techniques may be done alone or in conjunction with other mantras and methods. Wherever one finds oneself, chanting peace mantras will immediately call forth a sense of serenity and inner harmony that will in turn affect our surroundings and the entire planet.

Chanting peace mantras is beneficial to not only the practitioner but to the environment and the world at large. All students are urged to take this class as a dynamic and also gentle way to anchor in peace for this planet and beings everywhere.

For Letting go of the Past and Stagnant Conditions
For Destroying Negativity
For Creating Personal Power, Action, Movement & Change
**Working with Shiva mantras and the 108 Names of Shiva**

Lord Shiva represents one of the most powerful deity forms with thousands of temples built in his honor worldwide. In Vedic teachings, God exists in a trinity form of creator-sustainer-destroyer, with Lord Shiva representing the final part of this energy—destroyer. In other words, Lord Shiva is that aspect of the Divine who removes old, negative conditions from our lives so that new, positive opportunities may emerge. Considered also the cosmic dancer whose energy instigates change and helps people transform, Lord Shiva (also called Nataraja) embodies action, movement, and new beginnings. He is the perfect balance of male/female energies, calling us to be both gentle and powerful.

Chanting Shiva mantras creates not only a dynamic energy within the practitioner but also a noticeable feeling of personal power and strength that causes transformation. Shiva mantras are considered to be among the most powerful energies to work with--only available to those who are ready to embrace change.

Chanting Shiva mantras helps bring about movement and transmute stagnant, negative patterns so that new, positive conditions may emerge and manifest.

For Creativity & Illumination to manifest our unique life paths
For Inspiration in Art, Music, Writing & all creative projects
Working with Saraswati mantras and the 108 Names of Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati is considered to be the embodiment of supreme creativity, who provides help with the arts, music and other projects. She helps us manifest and create our personal life paths and derive inspiration from the Divine. She is invoked at the beginning of creative endeavors to help bring forth inspiration and beauty. Artists and musicians always begin their shows or concerts by asking for her blessings and lighting a lamp to her. Indeed all of life is a creative endeavor. Anytime we set forth to do or make something we need the blessings of Saraswati for that project to be successful.

Chanting Saraswati mantras creates movement and blessings with our creative paths and with all we do and make on this earth.


For Abundance, For Spiritual & Material Prosperity;
For the Expansion of Blessings on all levels in life
Working with Lakshmi mantras and the 108 Names of Lakshmi

It is said in India that prosperity comes only upon invitation. This class is to help practitioners become familiar with Lakshmi, the female energy form associated with abundance, expansion and prosperity. Class includes discussion of manifestation tools, the dynamic laws of creation, and the energy form of Lakshmi. Class provides practitioners with specific Lakshmi chants for attracting an abundance of health, wealth, happiness and all good things. An erroneous myth sometimes perpetrated within the metaphysical community says that it is “unspiritual” to be prosperous. This myth is debunked as we discuss why it is not only important but, in fact, vital for practitioners to lead happy, fulfilled, and full lives. In Vedic teachings, abundance is a natural state that helps sustain and support all life everywhere. Join us to invite Lakshmi into your life and open the doors to abundance!

Chanting Lakshmi mantras sends a message to the universe that invites prosperity into your life on all levels.

For Manifesting Love, Joy, Celebration & Partnership
For Connection with the Divine
Working with Krishna mantras and the 108 Names of Krishna

In Hindu mythology Krishna incarnated when the world was full of darkness, bringing light and joy to all who were ready to receive such energies. The word “Krishna” means: “one who attracts people and draws away negativities.” Thus, Krishna is an auspicious energy who embodies love, freedom, and celebration. Krishna helps people bring out their playful natures so they may celebrate life and create love, hope & positivity. Krishna is regarded as the ultimate lover—asking us to love ourselves, love others, and ultimately to fall in love with the Divine. When we radiate light, we attract to us positive people and circumstances. Thus, Krishna helps us radiate such light so we may manifest happy relationships and connect with our perfect partners. Lord Krishna also stars in the great epic, The Bhagavad Gita, in which he urges people to be steadfast and courageous, to persevere and find joy, despite life’s struggles, and to stand up for righteousness in the face of challenging people or circumstances (part of the "maya"/illusion of the physical universe).  Krishna also teaches us about complete surrender and devotion through seva (selfless service).   as a way to open the heart and connect with the Divine.

Working with Krishna mantras helps us create both a lightness and a powerful burst of energy to our projects, hopes, dreams, relationships, and ultimately to our spiritual paths.


The following classes work with advanced techniques including “deity mantras,” in which specific aspects of the divine are invoked to bring about change and growth. Deities may be thought of as energy forms or aspects of God/the Divine which enable practitioners to better visualize and intend for what they would like to manifest in their lives. The Ganesh class is the first class in this series, and after completing that class, practitioners may choose whichever classes appeal to them. These Deity Mantra Classes give the practitioner extensive mantras as well as the magical, powerful 108-vibration formula (called the Ashtottram in Sanskrit) in which mantras are repeated 108 times along with the 108 names of a deity, resulting in profound curative effects.

All classes include:
• Class manuals & clearly-presented written materials
• Background on Sanskrit chanting
• Thorough instruction including the history, meaning, and proper pronunciation of the mantras
• Background on the various deities and their significance as energy forms
• Time spent learning correct meter and tune for mantras
• Time spent listening to various recordings of the mantras
• Recordings for participants to take home with them and use in self-practice away from class
• Private initiation into the mantras in the vedic tradition
• Certificate of class completion
The beautiful deities pictured on this page and throughout our website are part of our Vedic Healing Temple.  Each one was handcrafted in India by a dedicated spiritual artisan, shipped to us, and then activated in elaborate puja/vedic prayer ceremonies.  We regularly offer prayers to these deities, invoking their energies.


For Manifesting Miracles & Seemingly Impossible Things
For Creating Dedication & Persistence in our Endeavors
Working with Hanuman mantras and the 108 Names of Hanuman

Hanuman is that aspect of God which makes "seemingly impossible things happen. " In other words, Hanuman helps us believe in and attract miracles into our lives, tapping into a reservoir of superhuman powers that each of us has.  Hanuman is also the energy of devotion and dedication to right causes and to the spiritual path. He is revered as the one who often moves energies very dynamically and magically when the practitioner is dedicated. For these reasons, he is invoked in special circumstances and with care and respect. We are honored to introduce practitioners to Hanuman’s powerful and mystical energies, through these special Hanuman mantras.

Chanting Hanuman mantras helps us tap into supernatural abilities to create miraculous events out of ordinary circumstances and believe in our personal power in order to co-create with the Divine what we need and desire.

For Removing Obstacles in the way of Manifestation
For Creating New Beginnings, Good Luck & Prosperity
Working with Ganesh mantras and the 108 Names of Ganesh

**This is the first class practitioners study in the Deity Mantra Class series

Ganesh is revered in India as the aspect of God or the energy form who removes obstacles in our lives, helping make our paths smooth so that we may manifest what we need and desire. Typically Ganesh is invoked first in all endeavors and especially in meditation and spiritual practices. With an easy nature and a love of life, Ganesh brings good luck, prosperity and new beginnings to those who work with him. He is also the god of scribes, so practitioners may call upon his blessings for writing & creative projects. All over the world Ganesh is exceedingly popular because of his great accessibility and his love for spiritual practitioners who call upon his energies.

Chanting Ganesh mantras creates optimism and peace within the practitioner; helps move blockages, bring good luck, prosperity, and new beginnings in areas where we may have previously felt stuck.

Working with the Sri Yantra, an ancient, mystical symbol, capable of bringing abundant blessings

The Sri Yantra is a sacred geometrical representation of all the divine cosmic powers in the universe, a symbolic depiction of the energy of creation, as described in the vedas. Among yantras (sacred geometric pictures), Sri Yantra is said to be the most powerful yantra.  Sri Yantra has been called "instant Feng Shui" (Vastu Shastra) for the environment and for body, mind, and spirit as it will correct imbalances and help people manifest what they desire. Sri Yantra both absorbs negative energies and emits positive energies. By working with the Sri Yantra, practitioners create a flow of positive events and circumstances on the physical and metaphysical planes. Sri Yantra teachings in particular are considered most sacred, esoteric, and precious and are rarely offered to seekers even within India.

Benefits of working with Sri Yantra:
• Allign with mystical energies for manifestation of personal desires, goals, and dreams
• Correct imbalances within the self & the home
• Help create greater health, peace and happiness

Class include: Time spent discussing the history, background, and significance of the Sri Yantra & its components; Sacred sound meditations & techniques to align with Sri Yantra and invoke its powers;  pranayama (breathwork) and visualization for prosperity, longevity and manifestation; private initiation ceremony into the Sri Yantra energies & techniques

**The Vedic Healing Institute & Temple also offers authentic Vedic Sri Yantras made of seven metals which have been blessed and energized by priests in India and are made available to practitioners. Use of an actual Sri Yantra for meditation amplifies the techniques taught in this class, attracting positive energies to the practitioner and his/her environment.**

For Power, Strength and Perseverance
For Victory & New Beginnings
Working with Durga mantras and the 108 Names of Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga is a powerful representation of feminine energy, a divine incarnation of Goddess Shakti, companion to Lord Shiva. Goddess Durga appeared when the good in the universe was being threatened, emerging as the defender of righteousness. A mysterious mixture of loving energy and power, Durga appears riding a tiger, with multiple hands holding weapons while simultaneously conveying healing mudras. At once beautiful and terrifying, Durga is a study in complete opposites and also a great example of feminist power.

Working with Durga energies helps practitioners tap into their innate personal power and strength so that they may be victorious in life! Durga appeals to the feminine side of Shiva’s persona to spark change, action, new beginnings, movement. She is the perfect compliment to Lord Shiva when personal power and movement are sought.

Chanting Durga mantras creates power, action and new beginnings in a dynamic way. Using her mantras along with Shiva mantras creates the perfect balance of male/female power.

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