PROFESSOR P.A. SESHAN GURUJI is the Patron and Founder of the Vedic Healing Institute.  

Guruji P.A. Seshan was an esteemed Sanskrit scholar, Zen Master, Yoga Master, Reiki Master, and Pujari (Hindu priest).  An indescribable presence of humility, knowledge, positivity and humor, Guruji was most of all a beloved friend, philosopher and guide.  In 1998 Guruji initiated Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani (aka Savithri Amba) into the Vedic Healing teachings, a body of information and energies that would change and shape her life profoundly.  Alexandra Savithri began an intensive program of study and guidance into vedic techniques under Guruji while living in India at that time.  For the next 23 years,  Alexandra Savithri returned to India every year to study with Guruji for extended periods of time.  Enjoying unforgettable precious moments in his presence,  she studied and learned vedic philosophy, meditations, Sanskrit mantras, and life wisdom under Guruji's tutelage in the Indian system of "gurukul"  in which the student is privileged to live near the teacher and receive in-depth, daily, intimate training.  Every year she returned to her home base in California to spread some of Guruji's teachings and wisdom in whatever ways she could through classes, puja prayer ceremonies, and meditation retreats.  In 1999, Alexandra Savithri began also bringing groups of foreigners to India on Spiritual and Cultural Pilgrimages.  Some of those groups had the rare privilege of meeting Guruji as well.

Guruji departed the physical world peacefully in early 2017 after a final meeting with Alexandra Savithri, during which time he imparted blessings, private instruction, and continued guidance for the future of the Vedic Healing Institute and Temple.  

The word "Guru" from Sanskrit means "one who leads you from darkness to light."  In every sense of the word, Guruji Seshan embodied the fullest meaning of Guru.  ​Guruji Seshan's mesmerizing presence, deep wisdom, tranquil nature, humor, charisma, generosity of spirit, and vast impact will always be remembered and the Vedic Healing Institute dedicates its work to Guruji with profound gratitude.  Daily, Guruji is deeply missed in his physical form. However, in the true spirit of a guru, Guruji Seshan continues to guide and influence the work of the Vedic Healing Institute and Alexandra Savithri from beyond in very mystical and definite ways.  Those of us who were touched by Guruji extend our great thanks to him and strive to represent and teach even a drop of the energy  he embodied.  

*To see more photos of our beloved teacher and other teachers, please visit the Lineage page on this website.

REIKI MASTER ALEXANDRA JULIANI, M.A., aka SAVITHRI AMBA is an accomplished Reiki Master, Vedic Healing Master Teacher, and Spiritual Life Coach who has been practicing holistic healing for 30 years.  From a family of teachers and educators, she is Director of the American Reiki Academy and has personally trained thousands of people worldwide to become accomplished Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters.  Alexandra Savithri is a dedicated  practitioner and teacher of yoga, having studied in India and practiced Sanskrit mantras, vedic rituals, puja prayer ceremonies, & traditional vedic meditation techniques.  She travels to India yearly, leading Pilgrimages to sacred temples, ashrams, and important cultural destinations.  Alexandra Savithri has met with and been personally blessed by gurus and Indian teachers such as Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Tiruchy Swami, Mata Amritanandamayi, Milk Baba, and Swami Hariharananda, among others.   In 1998, it was her supreme honor to meet with and be initiated as a Vedic Healing Master Teacher by Professor P.A. Seshan, Guruji, Patron of the Vedic Healing Institute, with whom she continued to study in India regularly for 24 years until Guruji's passing in 2017.  In 1998, she was also blessed by Sanskrit scholar Professor Shankara Shastry and Guruji Seshan to share Sri Chakra teachings to the west in the Sri Vidya tradition.

Alexandra Savithri continues with dedication, passion, determination, and great love to teach Vedic Healing, under the guidance of Guruji Seshan through the Vedic Healing Institute and Temple as it evolves, expands and grows.

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Vedic Healing™ is a comprehensive program of courses offered through the Vedic Healing™ Institute that teaches some of the innermost secrets of the vedas, India's most revered spiritual texts. Through a series of techniques used for thousands of years by Hindu priests and spiritual masters in India, students learn how to increase the flow of positive energy in their lives, becoming empowered to manifest their personal paths, connect with the Divine, and raise their consciousness.  Many of the methods taught in Vedic Healing have never been shared outside of India.

The Vedic Healing™ curriculum consists of: meditation methods; extensive work with Sanskrit mantra chants (sacred sound vibrations); bhakti yoga; visualizations; pranayama (breathing techniques); mudras (hand gestures); yantras (vedic sacred geometry); and puja prayer ceremonies.  These techniques and philosophies help cultivate inner awareness for wellbeing, peace, and happiness.  We work with Sanskrit, considered to be the "the language of the Gods."  Chanting in Sanskrit creates a dynamic movement of energy within the practitioner and the atmosphere, thereby affecting the world at large.

The goal of the Vedic Healing™ teachings is to provide people with tools for expansion and self-growth, creating a profound knowledge of who we are, why we are here, and how we may best live our paths. Ultimately Vedic Healing™ helps the practitioner tap into the vibration or frequency of the Divine wherein anything is accessible and possible.  Through these teachings and techniques, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness emerge.   The Vedic Healing™ curriculum offers the perfect adjunct to yoga, healing and other meditation practices.

Sanskrit Mantra Chanting Classes & Vedic Initiation Ceremonies; 

Puja Prayer Ceremonies; Meditation/Chanting Gatherings;
& Pilgrimages to India

Sanskrit Mantra Chanting Classes & Vedic Initiation Ceremonies;

Puja Prayer Ceremonies; Meditation/Chanting Gatherings;

& Pilgrimages to India

Contact: 310-397-2405-