Vedic Healing™ is a comprehensive program of courses offered through the Vedic Healing™ Institute that teaches the innermost secrets of the vedas, India's most revered spiritual texts. Through a series of techniques used for thousands of years by Hindu priests and spiritual masters in India, students learn how to increase the flow of positive energy in their lives, becoming empowered to manifest their personal paths, connect with the Divine, and raise their consciousness. Many of the methods taught in Vedic Healing have never been shared outside of India.


The Vedic Healing™ curriculum consists of: meditation methods; extensive work with Sanskrit mantras (sacred sound vibrations); bhakti yoga; visualizations; pranayama (breathing techniques); mudras (hand gestures); sacred geometry; puja prayer ceremonies and rituals; and other teachings related to inner wellbeing.  Sanskrit, considered to be the "the language of the Gods," is the oldest, most sacred form of sound vibration. Chanting in Sanskrit creates a dynamic movement of energy within the practitioner and within the atmosphere, thereby affecting the world at large.

The goal of the Vedic Healing teachings is to provide tools for expansion and self-growth, creating a profound awareness of who we are, why we are here, and how we may best live our paths. Ultimately Vedic Healing™ creates within the practitioner the vibration or frequency of the Divine wherein anything is possible. Through the Vedic Healing™ teachings, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness occur.  The Vedic Healing™ teachings offer the perfect adjunct to yoga, healing and other meditation practices.


Professor Sasi Velupillai & Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani (Directors of the Vedic Healing Institute) in India
with Guruji Professor P.A. Seshan, Esteemed Priest, Sanskrit Scholar
& Patron of the Vedic Healing Institute

Professor Sasi Velupillai and Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani had the rare privilege of being instructed and initiated in India as Vedic Healing™ Master Teachers who are custodians of the Vedic Healing™ knowledge. The teachings were lovingly and generously imparted to them by Guruji Professor P.A. Seshan, esteemed priest, vedic scholar and yoga teacher, and Guruji Professor Shankara Shastry, a revered elder, vedic master and Sanskrit scholar. Professor Sasi and Ms. Juliani were entrusted with the mission of spreading vedic knowledge worldwide in a simple, accessible format.


The Vedic Healing™ Institute & Temple was founded by Professor Sasi Velupillai of Kerala, India and Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani of Los Angeles, California in conjunction with Guruji Professor P.A. Seshan of South India. Sanskrit scholar Guruji Professor Shankara Shastry and Psychic Palmist/Spiritual Teacher Professor Padmanabha Velupillai also blessed the Institute.  A special thanks is owed to H.H. Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Tiruchi Swamiji, Mata Amritanandamayi (Ammachi) who helped initiate the endeavors of the Vedic Healing ™ Institute & Temple.

The intent of the Vedic Healing™ Institute & Temple is to disseminate to sincere seekers worldwide vedic philosophies, teachings, & techniques in a responsible and loving manner in order to foster personal and planetary wellbeing.

In addition to its course curriculum, the Vedic Healing™ Institute & Temple leads spiritual pilgrimage tours to India through its Peace Ambassador Program and also sponsors teachers of Eastern philosophy for lectures, seminars and special events.


PROFESSOR SASI VELUPILLAI is an internationally-known psychic palmist, empowerment consultant, meditation master and motivational speaker, who hails from a long lineage of distinguished spiritual teachers in India spanning many generations. His father was one of the world's most respected psychic palmists/counselors. Professor Sasi travels to many countries yearly, sharing ancient Eastern wisdom through lectures, seminars and private consultations.

REIKI MASTER ALEXANDRA JULIANI is a Reiki Master, healing practitioner, and bhakti yogi, having studied Reiki, the healing arts, and mantra & meditation techniques in the U.S. and India for the past 28 years. She is Director of the American Reiki Academy and has personally certified thousands of Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters worldwide.

Because of their dedication and work with Vedic Healing, Professor Sasi and Ms. Juliani have been called “the foremost authorities on Sanskrit mantras in the west." Together, they joyfully share the Vedic Healing teachings; teach and initiate practitioners into Sanskrit mantras; conduct vedic puja prayer ceremonies; and lead spiritual pilgrimmages to India.


Esteemed Priests & Vedic Scholars
Guruji Professor P.A. Seshan & Guruji Professor Shankara Shastry,
Patrons of the Vedic Healing Institute & Temple

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“Japa [the repetition of a mantra] is one of the most direct ways of Self-Realization or Universal Consciousness.. It removes the dirt of the mind, the anger, greed, lust and other impurities that hide the light within. Just as a dusty mirror acquires the power of reflection when cleaned, the mind from which impurities have been removed acquires the capacity to reflect higher spiritual truth....Japa meditation done with faith, devotion and purity augments the power of the aspirant, bestowing on him [or her] the virtues and powers of the mantra...”
--Swami Vishnudevananda

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